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Smart Board For Conference Room

Collaboration has never been more interactive
For the ultimate collaborative experience, interactive displays and whiteboards provide a canvas where everyone can work from anywhere. 
Connect your devices and work on documents together, or combine with video conferencing for the ultimate collaborative experience.






Interactive displays and whiteboards will bring your meetings to life. The large outreach touch display is equipped with a variety of functions to make meetings interactive and seamless.
Users can access documents and applications as if they were from a desktop, combined with useful meeting features such as digital whiteboards, magnification, digital clipboards, and remote annotation and editing. Whether the meeting is in a conference room or with remote participants, everyone has the opportunity to collaborate on the screen. Combined with video conferencing software, it is a powerful tool for remote collaboration.

How we work

First, choosing the right solution to meet your business needs is critical. That's why we take the time to understand how your business works and what you want to achieve before making appropriate recommendations. That's why we're ahead of our "click-to-buy" competitors.
As a dedicated team, we are committed to ensuring our clients get the return on their investment they expect. This is done by us providing the right support and training to enable our clients to successfully implement technology - something we are very passionate about.

Why choose an interactive display?

Interactive whiteboards (SMART Boards) and more recently interactive displays have become essential tools in modern meeting rooms, training rooms, presentation rooms and classrooms. When connected to a computer, they are very intuitive large touchscreens that bring information to your fingertips.

Traditional interactive whiteboards using short-throw projectors have been replaced by interactive displays, which use LED-backlit displays such as TVs to provide higher resolution and image quality.

Benefits of Interactive Displays

Interactive displays have become very versatile meeting room tools as manufacturers add more features such as built-in digital whiteboard applications, web browsers, PDF viewers, PowerPoint viewers and wireless presentations from any device - trying to find a connection Gone are the days of cables from your laptop to a conference room display!

Combined with conferencing software, this monitor gives you a powerful tool to communicate with other offices, suppliers and clients. Use video conferencing when working on documents and planning together in a fully interactive virtual meeting.

What are the features of the interactive smart board designed for meetings?

1. Touch writing: Supporting multi-touch control, either using a stylus or your finger, you can write smoothly on the whiteboard. 
2. Remote conferencing: With a built-in video conferencing module, the Interactive Smart Board can transmit real-time conference scenes without delay.
3. Multi-player interaction: write with finger or stylus touch, multiple people write and mark at the same time
4. One-touch screenshot: the one-touch screenshot function of the conference all-in-one whiteboard allows you to use the screenshot tool, either in the browser or in PPT, to save images and preserve learning points at any time
5. Dual system operation: supports both Android and Windows operating systems
6. Swipe code sharing: save the file and generate a QR code to scan with your mobile phone

For Conference

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