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Smartboards In Classrooms

Since 1991, smart whiteboards (also known as interactive whiteboards) have been changing the way students learn! With their easy-to-use design, presentation tools and child-friendly features, Smart Boards can benefit school classrooms in ways that standard projectors or chalk cannot.

What is an interactive whiteboard?

As the name suggests, an interactive whiteboard is designed to allow students and teachers to interact with text, applications, annotation tools and more on the whiteboard. Interactive whiteboard is more of a generic term that may include SMARTboards, but also other brands and devices that allow students and teachers to have this interaction for teaching and learning purposes.

With an interactive whiteboard, you and your students can use touchscreen features to write text, simulate problem solving, highlight important information and more. Interactive whiteboards can also be used as large projector screens that can share large full-colour images and videos with students, which helps to illustrate topics and give students an up-close experience.


Designed for education
Meet your empowering, all-in-one classroom resource. Our interactive displays are easy to use and adapt to changing learning styles and environments, engaging students immediately.

Engage students in experiential learning
Interactive displays take collaboration and empowerment to a new level and become your all-in-one classroom resource. With up to 20 touch points at a time and no calibration required, students can work together on the monitor to share knowledge, feel inspired and be creative. Our powerful, responsive screens allow bright ideas to shine through.

Powerful and easy to use
Our dynamic displays are designed to encourage hands-on education while immediately increasing student engagement and inclusivity. Access from any personal device, easily manage your lessons or adapt to the moment.Qunji's top-notch functionality and simplicity will transform the way you teach.

For Education

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