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Interactive whiteboards and displays have endless uses in business, education and more. These smart boards and displays enhance meetings by enabling your team, clients, students and audience to learn and think differently. All of which are designed to encourage innovative, engaging, hands-on collaboration.
Interactive whiteboards and displays
Our interactive whiteboards and displays allow you to share, edit and annotate in real time. With web and touch technology capabilities, our interactive displays are perfect for meetings, remote working, distributed teams, distance learning and more.

Which interactive whiteboard solution is right for you?

Choose the perfect display option for your office or classroom and make sure everyone in your team has a seat at the table, no matter where they are. Your team's ideas flow seamlessly when our state-of-the-art computers, projectors and colour screens are connected to your team's computers.

Educational interactive whiteboards
Ditch the blackboard - work smarter with an interactive whiteboard.

Turn your classroom into a fun, collaborative space where students can brainstorm and work together. Our smart boards can connect up to 50 laptops and mobile devices through real-time two-way collaboration. Professors can instantly and easily write, draw, edit, move and save information as they receive feedback from classroom students or remotely logged in students.

Business Interactive Whiteboard
Work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Today's digital workplace requires faster and more efficient communication. Use our interactive whiteboards to encourage real-time collaboration in your office. Connect your laptop or mobile device via a Windows® 10-based controller to use your preferred business applications. Reduce travel costs and increase efficiency by connecting multiple devices in different locations at the same time.

Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards

Qunji's range of high quality interactive whiteboards can meet the needs of large and small venues. In addition, each unit is equipped with productivity-enhancing features.

Users can enjoy the following features.

1. Workflow and connectivity
Each whiteboard display supports an interactive experience through the use of touchscreen annotations. They also use applications to streamline productivity and connectivity with other platforms. So enjoy full integration with Microsoft Office and connectivity to all devices to keep workflows smooth and unrestricted.

2. Collaboration capabilities
Create annotations in real time and share screen images with remote users to enhance team collaboration. Create a comprehensive digital collaboration environment with Ricoh's Smart Workplace Services to drive productivity and innovation.

3. Open architecture
In addition, all whiteboards are equipped with Ricoh's embedded software architecture - software that helps maintain application compatibility between the many devices that may be used in the office. The open nature of this software means that numerous third party solutions can also be seamlessly integrated with Ricoh devices.

What to consider when choosing an interactive whiteboard solution

The power and versatility of interactive displays has made them popular, resulting in a wide range of products on the market. When choosing an interactive whiteboard solution for your classroom or business, consider the following.
Audience size. Consider how many people will be required to interact with it. There is no doubt that devices that support multiple simultaneous functions allow for more collaboration.
Connectivity. The ability to link to multiple devices at once allows the audience to view the presentation on their own devices. This is beneficial for large lecture halls or meeting rooms where everyone wants to take their own notes.
Space size. Interactive whiteboards range in width from 30 inches to 80 inches. In other words, this affects the viewing distance, and where the viewer should (or should not) sit.
Software and applications. Classrooms will require different applications and programs than offices. On the other hand, offices may find the ability to integrate with other document management platforms advantageous.
Durability. Most importantly, interactive whiteboards in the classroom environment must be durable to withstand student use. In other words, high-end interactive whiteboards will find a better home in offices that want to wow their customers.

Interactive Board

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