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Video Wall Manufacturer

Qunji,is a China Video Wall Manufacturer. At QUNJI, we have everything you need to build dynamic and engaging video walls, from LCD display options and content management solutions to fully customizable services and professional service support.

Qunji's video wall display solutions are always of the highest quality on the market. Our portfolio offers LCD technology, size and resolution, always including the perfect solution for your application. Our dedicated software and range of professional services ensure that you get the most out of your video wall.

Learn about our video wall solutions:

LCD Video Walls: Our tiled LCD video wall panels provide a flexible platform for 24/7 indoor video wall applications including control rooms, conference rooms and retail stores.
Switchers and Distributions: Design and integrate feature-rich Software-Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) systems with Christie Terra® and deliver ultimate quality and performance.
Content Management and Image Processing: Our advanced content management and image processing technology makes it easy to manage multiple screens and serve content for complex applications
Design Collaboration: From simple to complex video wall solutions, we can work with you to design and install the largest projects. *
Professional Services: We are the AV industry's most trusted advisor to support commercial AV infrastructure, with an industry-leading extended warranty and time-critical support system.
With multiple TAA compliant options, we also serve mission critical control room applications, situation rooms and large government projects.
Use our video wall solutions for a wide range of applications, from retail, hospitality and education to transportation and a range of commercial applications.

What is a video wall?

A video wall (also called a display wall) is a large visualization surface made up of multiple monitors. Originally, they consisted of multiple TVs or monitors tightly grouped together. The purpose is to make it look like a large display surface. The problem, however, is the large frame (or bezel) that surrounds each TV's useful display surface. This completely destroys the effect of a single canvas and ruins the visual presentation. Therefore, new techniques were introduced to minimize the "dead pixel space" between different displays. Display wall solutions today typically use tiled LCD panels, rear projection cubes.

These display walls are available in a variety of sizes, typically with screens ranging from 46 inches to 80 inches in diameter. The choice of screen size depends on typical content and viewing distance. If you look closely, the pixel density should be high enough that no single pixel is visible. Resolution depends on the size of the wall. For example, a 4K video wall requires 4 full HD screens in a 2 x 2 setup.

Typical application areas include control rooms, conference rooms, digital signage and other demanding environments.

Although these different technologies have very different advantages and meet the specific needs of users, they have a lot in common. They are all:

Requires video wall controller to display content on screen
Very flexible in size (number of individual monitors)
A calibration mechanism is required to ensure that all individual tiles have the same brightness and color settings. Barco's auto-calibration technology does this in real time, calibrating individual displays and entire walls
Requires minimal tile gaps (or ultra-narrow borders) to combat "raster effects"

LCD Video Wall


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