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Digital learning with interactive whiteboards is trend in classes

Oct. 06, 2022

Interactive Whiteboard is an incredible resource that brought a revolutionary change in the entire teaching and learning System.


Interactive Whiteboard is a wondrous resource that carries an ability to turn boring and monotonous lectures into interactive and fun-learning classes. Moreover, Interactive Whiteboard also helps in creating and delivering highly motivational and engaging lessons, presentations and training sessions.


Some of the distinguished features of Interactive Whiteboard that add up an element of 'Digital Learning' in the classrooms are as follows:


Easy to Operate
Just like any other conventional whiteboard, Interactive Whiteboard is easy to operate. It is extremely user friendly with its straight forward user manual and functions and carries an ability to attract the attention and interest of even technophobic teachers.


Promotes E-learning and Integrated Teaching
This incredible Interactive Whiteboard helps promoting E-learning and integrated teaching. Teachers can easily collect, integrate and project presentation data with the help of a Interactive Whiteboard. What is more, images can be collected from the internet; graphs can be fetched out from a spreadsheet; data can be extracted from a word document and all these customized learning objects can be presented right onto it, all at the same time.

Digital learning with interactive whiteboards is trend in classes


Active Student Participation
Interactive Whiteboard also carry interactive learning software which includes presentation tools along with built-in gallery of educational images that helps in conducting on-line tests, opinion polls,which promotes active student participation. 20 points touch allows 20 users interact on the Interactive Whiteboard at the same time.

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