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What’s The Difference Between LED And LCD Video Walls?

Nov. 10, 2022

Display technology and display effect


LCD is a display composed of liquid crystals. Because there is a backlight layer, by refracting light to light, color saturation is not so high, the display effect is more natural, long time viewing is not easy to fatigue. LED is a display composed of light-emitting diodes. It can self-luminous, each pixel can project the red, green and blue light, so the display effect is more vivid and full.


Thickness and power consumption


In terms of thickness, LCD is thicker due to the presence of backlight and liquid crystal layers. And LED is very easy to make the phone thin, but also for the future bendable screen, folding screen appears to provide the possibility. In power consumption, LCD entire backlight layer will also be all open, can only be fully open or fully closed, high power consumption. Each pixel of LED is working independently and can light up certain pixels individually, so the power consumption of LED will be lower.

Screen life is different


The LCD is made of inorganic material, which has a slow aging rate and long life. And led uses organic materials, so the life of the LED screen is not as long as the LCD screen.

It can be seen that LCD's display is composed of liquid crystals, so it has a longer life, but its full-on, full-off backlight layer increases its power consumption rate. While the LED display is composed of light-emitting diodes, the life span is shorter, but each of its pixels is a luminous body, which reduces its power consumption rate when in use.


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