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  • 65 Inch Smart Board For Conference

  • 65 Inch Smart Board For Conference

  • 65 Inch Smart Board For Conference

  • 65 Inch Smart Board For Conference

65 Inch Smart Board For Conference

Deliver cutting-edge technology at a competitive price for more connected classrooms and engaging learning.65 The ease of use of the Inch Smart Board brings simple functionality to the classroom, delivering a solid return on your technology investment. Plus, it's easy to deploy and support, which means a lower total cost of ownership.

Product Description

What is an 65 inch smart board?

The 65 inch smart board is an all-in-one machine that integrates various functions of a projector, an electronic whiteboard, a stereo, a TV, and a video conference terminal. It is also called a interactive whiteboard, intelligent conference whiteboard. In the education field, it is also called a smart teaching whiteboard.

Function introduction of conference machine

1. Meeting writing, highly sensitive

Built-in high-sensitivity writing software, whether it is a stylus or a finger, you can write on the conference machine; user-friendly touch gesture design, move, zoom out, eraser writing and other functions. You can wipe the back of your hand, and at the same time, you can make comments on the key points of the meeting, and the meeting records can be saved with one key, which is convenient for viewing after the meeting.

Function introduction of conference machine


2. Remote video conference on the same screen in different places

Remote video conference, in the remote conference mode, the screen is shared in real time in different places, the whiteboard function supports two-way scribbling operation, and the multi-party discussion is real-time interactive, vivid and lifelike like living in the same room.

Function introduction of conference machine


3.Two-way operation of wireless screen sharing

65 inch smart board can be achieved through screen sharing accessories. Whether it is a mobile phone, computer or tablet, you can wirelessly transfer PPT, Excel, Word documents and other files to the conference all-in-one machine with one click. What is even more amazing is that the wireless screen sharing device can realize the two-way operation between the PC and the conference machine. As long as it is sent to the collaborative computer on the conference machine, it can realize actions such as PPT page turning and annotation, or easily complete the document. Switching the presentation, the meeting is more compact and smooth.


Function introduction of conference machine


4.HD picture quality, up to 4k

The interactive whiteboard adopts LCD screen + operating system mode, with high resolution, true color reproduction, and the screen can be seen clearly without turning off the lights. The picture quality is clearer, giving you an immersive experience is not a dream

The group base conference all-in-one machine adopts the original LG 4k high-definition large screen, 3840×2160 resolution, pure and natural color, clear and smooth picture quality, and perfectly displays every detail of PPT; using infrared touch technology, it supports multi-person writing, modification, erasing, Annotate, make your explanation more vivid and professional. With one-click screenshot function, you can take screenshots at any time to save the key content of the meeting.

Function introduction of conference machine

Panel Operating System


WIN7/WIN8/WIN10/Android 8.0/ Android 9.0/ Android 11.0 (optional)


i3/i5/i7(optional) or dual OS(optional)


4GB/8GB option


128GB SSD/500GB HDD option


Support wifi wireless connection

 Specification :


65 inch smart board

Screen size

65 Inch

Screen ratio


Display area

1433*808 (mm)

Pixel pitch



Full HD 1080p (1920x1080)




380cd/square meter

Contrast ratio


Viewing angle


Service Life



Interactive flat Panel

Touch type

Infrared touch 20 points

Touch resolution


Response time



Morse level 7


White glass≥95%,

anti-glare glass≥80%(optional)

Glass thickness

4mm tempered glass

Power consumption


Operating life

≥60,000,000 times to click

Operation System

WIN7/WIN8/WIN10/Android 8.0/ Android 9.0/ Android 11.0 (optional)

Power supply system


Panel Connections

Front port

USB2.0*3,multi-media USB*1,IR touch output port*1,HD-MI input port*1

Rear port


USB2.0*3,HD-MI input*3,coaxial*1,AV1input port*1,AV2 input port*1,AV output*1,YPBPR*1,VGA input port*1

VGA audio output*1,HD-MI input port *3,earphone port*1,RJ45 port*1,SD card port*1, USB3.0*1, optical output port*1

Rear PC port

HD-MI output port*1,USB3.0output port*2,USB2.0 output port*2, VGA output*1, network input/output interfaces*1, 12-19V power port*1,earphone output port*1,MIC port*1

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